Martial Arts For Athletic Children In Dayton Ohio

Martial arts is a unique sport. In fact, it’s far more than a sport because it has practical self defense application, mindfulness training, and artistic expression. But it is very much an athletic pursuit. With all of the cross body movements, core muscle development, power muscle group engagement, and explosiveness training, Martial Arts at the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School is like Kumon for athletes. And children and adults who play other sports become far more mentally focused, confident, and are physically better at skills that are specific to those other sports. They literally dominate the field in a positive and competitive way, and so get more playing time, score more points, and are handed more leadership opportunities with their team. All of these reasons and more are why many of our black belts are also star athletes in other sports.

The Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School provides Martial Arts, Self-defense, and fitness programs for children and adults in the Miami Valley. Communities served are Dayton, Kettering, Vandalia, Oakwood, Bellbrook, Beavercreek, Springboro, Centerville, the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, And all other contingent communities.

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