Dayton, Ohio – Will you let this foul mouthed, angry, little bully continue to use your child as a punching bag this year? Not if you enroll your child in this Dayton Martial Arts School.

What do you say to your child when he comes home in tears day after day, you see his self esteem smashed to pieces, and his excitement for school turn into anxiety and fear? That angry little bully with his fists clenched and his mean, and abusive taunts can make school hell for an innocent child in our politically correct, “make a good choice” world, where teachers don’t always have the answers or ability to keep your child safe. When you give your child the physical skills, powerful words, and rock solid confidence to defend himself against a bully, he will like school more, be better at making new friends, and feel more comfortable trying new things. Because you can’t be with your child every time he gets picked on and teased, give him the best lessons in self defense and anti-bullying training available in the Miami Valley. Try our best martial arts program for six weeks. We will teach your child how to stop the bully without having to fight and without getting pushed around. He will also know how to protect himself from strangers and bullying attacks outside of school. Wouldn’t you like to see your child happy and confident about going to school because he knows how to physically and verbally defend himself?

6 Weeks For $69 With A Free Uniform. For boys and girls age four and older. Call (937)395-0333 or email

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