Warmup before training

Mooshim 1-9 is the first form (poomse) you will learn at the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School

Innae means patience. You must have patience with yourself. Allow yourself to be a beginner and go slowly as you learn. You will get better over time and will become excellent in the end!

Innae 1-5

15 minute warmup including Mooshim and Innae

Taeguek 1-8 There are eight Taegeuk forms that you will learn while training for your Black Belt. It is good to continue to practice all of the Taegeuks even after your current belt test. You will be tested on all eight Taeguek forms at your Black Belt test.

Taegeuk 1 – represents heaven (this is not religious Heaven, but the stars, planets and vastness and energy of the universe.)

Taegeuk 2 – represents joyfulness (energy)

Taegeuk 3 – represents fire and sun (energy and heat)

Taegeuk 4 – represents thunder and lightning (the energy of a thunderstorm)

Taegeuk 5 – represents wind, strong yet gentle.

Taegeuk 6 – represents water

Taegeuk 7 – Mountain

Taegeuk 8 – represents earth, groundedness


Warmup 9 strikes