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The Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School’s mission is to strengthen body and mind, teach practical self-defense, and build character and inspire a purpose driven life.

Leadership, Self-Defense, Fitness, Focus, and Purpose. We are a non-profit educational institution that uses martial arts as a tool to teach character, practical self-defense, and improved mental and physical fitness.

The Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School is a non-profit whose mission is to support families in the Miami Valley in their quest to raise happy and healthy children. When children don’t get enough exercise, they can suffer from bad grades and behavioral issues at school, obesity and related lifestyle diseases, bullying and low self-esteem. With only one or two PE classes a week and shortened recess time, children are getting far less than the seven hours of physical activity per week that the American Center for Disease Control recommends.

The Asian Arts Center can help overcome this issue as well as help children interact socially in real life. Lowering your child’s stress level will do wonders in all aspects of their life.

Call (937) 395-0333 to get started today. You will love how we teach martial arts! 

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