My son, Alex, and I have been coming to the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School for a little over two years now. I have seen many changes in both of us.  Alex has better self-control, he is stronger, has better balance and coordination and his self-confidence is stronger. The changes that I have seen in me are more flexibility, better balance and coordination, weight loss, improved self-confidence, modesty and patience.

The staff at the Asian Arts Center is incredible. They teach not only taekwondo and self-defense, they teach a way of life that incorporates their code of ethics. They help their students to be healthier, stronger, more confident and more focused by incorporating a habit-forming program.

What I really love about the Asian Arts Center is that the instructors want to know how their students are doing at home and in school. They want to know when their students are having problems in school so they can help the parents get their children back on the right path.  They also want to know when their students are doing well in school so they can encourage them to keep it going. They also teach their senior belts how to succeed in life by knowing what they want, having a plan and knowing how to execute their plan to reach their goals.

Sabrina & Alex Domi
AACTS members since March 2011



Alex & Sabrina Domi

MEGERY'S_cropSince joining the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School, all of our children are more confident.  They help with chores and are more respectful to us and other adults.  They also never miss a chance to tell our friends and family about the AAC and how much they all love going there.

We are lucky enough to have our school age kids all attend AAC’s after school program, so homework has not been an issue.  We have also been lucky enough to not encounter bullying, but my children all tell me that their TKD training has helped them feel able to step in and stop bullying if they ever see it.

All four of my children love the classes they attend at the AAC and it definitely keeps them active and fit.  One of the reasons we chose the AAC is to ensure our kids are doing something physical every day.

Rose & Joe Megery, Centerville, Ohio

AACTS members since September 2009


Alexis, Tysen, Alivia

“Ty is enthusiastic with the program and taking his lessons learned in class and applying them to everyday responsibilities and activities.”

“Max has more confidence in himself, and his concentration has improved.  He understands lessons learned in Taekwondo pertain to home and school as well.”

Ann & Eric Lundgren

Kettering - son Ty, 7 years old son Max, 8 years old

“Grace is standing up for herself and is proud of her accomplishments. She has become very determined and works very hard in class.”

Ann Davis

Kettering - daughter Grace, 11 years old

“Evan has been much more focused in everything from school work to everyday activities. He seems to be able to control his emotions better also.”

Anne & Mark Barth

Kettering - son Evan, 9 years old

Since joining the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School, our kids no longer complain when it’s time to do chores, and they take responsibility when they have done something wrong.  Their overall manners have improved, and they respond with a yes sir/ma’am or no sir/ma’am when appropriate.

Carson’s organizational skills have improved tremendously.  Tayte struggled at the beginning of the year with focus and task completion, and she has greatly improved in these areas.  Reese, our kindergartener, is focused and completes her work without arguing.Hidy girls

The kids are stronger and more in-tune to their bodies.  They all have a positive body image, and they are proud of their accomplishments in Taekwondo.

Patty & Joe Hidy, Oakwood, Ohio

AACTS members since October 2011


Carson, Tayte & Reese Hidy

HARTMAN_cropFor more than two years, Collin and Darah have been involved with the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School.  The AAC offers so much more than martial arts training.  It’s a program that’s very in tune with the nature of children, young adults and families that fosters the development of “mind, body and spirit”. Collin and Darah are not only getting exercise (that they think is fun), they are developing physical coordination, self-confidence, respect, discipline, tenacity and self-awareness.

The AAC has made an obvious positive impact in Collin’s and Darah’s school work, physical and personal well-being.  I can’t say enough about the outstanding staff:  Ms. Debbie, Ms. Angel, Mr. Matt, all of the instructors, the after school program staff as well as the van drivers.  Everyone is such a positive influence and wonderful role models for the students.

The kids are also being exposed to the notion of serving the community through the many service projects the AAC is involved in.  Thank you, AAC, for doing what you do so well!

Lisa & Don Hartman, Beavercreek, Ohio

AACTS members since October 2010



Collin & Darah Hartman

Connor SimonOur son, Connor, has been a student at AAC for about two years.  He participates in the regular taekwondo classes and the Hyper Pro training.  Connor has become stronger, developed better endurance and shown firm commitment to improving his martial arts skills.  We attribute his success in the martial arts program to the exceptionally dedicated instructors at the AAC.  Flexibility in class scheduling has allowed Connor to continue his other extra-curricular activities.  The office staff is knowledgeable and helpful.  We recommend AAC without hesitation.


Cathy & Glen Simon, Kettering, Ohio

AACTS members since May 2011


Connor Simon

“Amelia is more confident and has become more assertive in getting her needs met.”

Derrick & Julie Rude

Kettering - daughter Amelia, age 10

“She loves practicing! I have seen her develop a drive to improve her skills in a way she has never displayed before. She is definitely more confident.”

Elisha Frontz & Douglas Fisher

Dayton - daughter Penelope, 5 years old

“Garrett is more attentive and has improved discipline and self control.  I like how the instructors have started to hand out postcards in class indicating what needs to be worked on.”

Erin & Eric Howard

Kettering - son Garrett, 7 years old

Ethan Diep

Since Ethan began attending classes at the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School, he has become much calmer and listens much better.  We have seen a lot of positive improvements in school, and his focusing skills have improved tremendously.

Before attending classes at the AACTS, Ethan was getting sick frequently.  Now that he is exercising more, we find he has been healthier.  He enjoys his training!

Tuan Diep, Beavercreek, Ohio

AACTS Member Since September 2012

Ethan Diep

Grace FarashSince joining the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School, Grace is more open to trying new experiences.  Her confidence in her physical abilities has grown exponentially.  She has always been a calm child, but I would say she has also gained new focus in all areas. Grace is very goal oriented.  The emphasis placed upon striving for better at the AACTS has carried over to setting higher goals in school.  She is more likely to approach someone new or strike up a conversation where once she may have held back.


I can’t believe how interested Grace has become in trying new activities!  She was definitely more sedentary pre-Asian Arts.  She has been keeping track of how often she goes running and has expressed an interest in trying out for field hockey!  We are thrilled she is finding new outlets for expressing herself physically!



Michele & Alan Farash, Oakwood, Ohio

AACTS members since November 2011


Grace Farash

Isaac DutielWe have seen many improvements since Isaac began taking classes at the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School.  He speaks more confidently and politely.  He takes initiative to complete his chores without being reminded.

We are very pleased he has developed a healthy competitiveness academically and physically.  He is self confident enough not to follow the crowd and has even taught his friends how to side-step bullies and alert adults when there is an issue.

Despite his asthma, he has more endurance than his classmates at his elementary school.  His motor skills have improved, and he is more coordinated.  We are very pleased he is now passing gym class.

Craig and Cary Dutiel

AACTS members since August 2012


Isaac Dutiel

JacobJacob is much more confident, and he is very proud that he is moving up in belt ranks at the Asian Arts Center.  That has had a real effect in his confidence. Ever since starting the program, Jake has been much more focused at school and in the classroom.  While he still has a ways to go, he is much improved, and we know that that taekwondo is a big part of this.

He has never been terribly athletic, but taekwondo has made him much more “at home” in his body, and so he has become more adventurous athletically.


Sue and Bill Trollinger, Oakwood, Ohio

AACTS members since September 2011


Jacob Biesecker-Mast

“Zack’s spelling tests went from an F to an A+!  He is completing chores more quickly and completely with less complaining and respect.  I really appreciate the time the staff has taken to help me understand how I can help with follow-up at home.”

Karen Patton

Oakwood - son Zack, 9 years old

“I saw a marked change in Issac with the camp experience this Summer. He went from reluctantly attending class to wanting to go. We have even had some unusually helpful moments from Issac at home, helping brothers, etc..”

“Sam looks forward to going to class and does not fear all the other students or instructors. He can be very shy in other situations but has jumped right in here.”

Kathleen and Ken Weaver

Oakwood - sons Issac, 6 years old, and Samuel, 4 years old

“Robbie has really put alot more effort in school.He is not giving up, he now asks for help when needed.”

Kent & Michelle Brown

Beavercreek - son Robbie, 9 years old

“He has really developed physically … He is trying to take more responsibility for himself and to become a good role model for the other students and classmates.”

Marcia & John Russell

Waynesville - son Joe, 13 years old

“Carson has more confidence and is better at controlling frustration and anger.”

Patty & Joe Hidy

Oakwood - daughter Carson, 9 years old

RACHEL MANNING_cropTwo years ago Rachel visited the Asian Arts Center for the first time to watch her cousin, Lily Manning, take a taekwondo class. After seeing how much Lily was enjoying her lesson, Rachel knew right away that she wanted to give taekwondo a try.  Today we are very happy with her decision and with the results. As she has progressed through the beginner and intermediate levels, we’ve seen her grow as a person.  AACTS and its staff have been a positive influence on her life. Rachel is happier, more energetic, and more positive at home. Her relationship with her younger sister is also stronger now. She has become and excellent role model.

In addition to personal growth, we’ve seen improvement in Rachel’s performance in school since she began taking taekwondo. Her grades have improved.  She’s more disciplined in getting her homework done. Her study habits have improved. Her relationship with teachers have improved. Her relationship with her peers have improved. She is more self-confident and more positive at school because of taekwondo.

Finally, because of the training she has received at the AACTS, Rachel has increased her endurance, agility, strength and speed. Rachel is on her school’s track team, and her improved performance in running and field events has been noticed by her coaches and teammates. We’ve also heard from her P.E. teacher that Rachel’s progress in gym class this year has been substantial. Her basketball team won their intramural tournament in March.

Overall, we have been very happy with the teaching, training and guidance Rachel has received at the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School.

Melissa & Andrew Manning, Dayton, Ohio

AACTS members since August 2011


Rachel Manning

“Griffin’s ability to focus, step back and take a deep breath when hurt or upset has vastly improved.  He has better decision-making skills.  Continue what you are doing.  We appreciate the individual attention given to our son.  Thanks!”

Ricia Ballas

Oakwood - son Griffin, 6 years old

“Daniel has gained confidence. He knows he is capable of hard work and discipline. He also seems to be a more thoughtful, patient person. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to grow into a responsible, caring young man.”

Ron Pohlman & Margaret Quinn

Oakwood - son Dan, age 17

“..More confidence. I can remind Alex of his successes in martial arts when he feels unsure of new situations.”

Tim & Sandy Davis

Oakwood - son Alex, 7 years old

“She has improved in strength, discipline and confidence … she stands up for her younger brothers and has better self control.”

Tish & Todd Williams

Dayton - daughter Regina, 12 years old