Qualified Instructors

All AAC martial arts instructors have background screening and are certified to teach age and ability specific martial arts classes.

Connor Simon


Dynamic and powerful as a martial artist and Black Belt, Connor Simon is also kind and patient as an instructor on the teaching floor.



Darby Willis


Darby has become a force of strength and influence on the mats. A new 3rd Degree Black Belt, Darby has blossomed as a martial artist and instructor. Smart, kind, and blessed with common sense, Darby is quickly becoming a key instructor at our Centerville/Springboro school. Thanks Kerri Klingler, you have been a great mentor and coach!

Kellen Brown

Kellen has been studying Taekwondo at the Asian Arts Center for over fifteen years. He has been teaching martial arts professionally for over ten years and is a key part of the full time teaching team. Kellen is a fourth degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and has a lot of experience with sword and staff instruction.

Matt Pasquinilli

Matt Pasquinilli, Head Instructor, is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and has been teaching martial arts since 1991. Mr. Pasquinilli travels to Asia often to train with instructors affiliated with the World Taekwondo Federation and Kukkiwon and continues to learn all styles of martial arts in the US, and abroad. Author of “The Child Whisperer” and “Behavior Coaching,” Matt has created a unique method of teaching martial arts using positive reinforcement, actionable definitions, and vigorous physical exercise.


Matt Pasquinilli, Head Instructor Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School, Dayton, Ohio.




“Students at the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School develop strength of body and mind, learn practical self-defense, and develop a sense of purpose and strong character.”- Matt Pasquinilli